Top 8 Geeky Things I am Thankful for This Year

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and with that in mind I have decided to count down the top eight geeky things I am thankful for this year.  None of that peace and love crap here.  Just pure nerdy delight.  There’s not much to explain about this week’s list.  So just follow along with me as I list exactly what geeky things I’ll be thankful for on my favorite gluttonous holiday.




#8. Doctor Who- I know we are only halfway through the season and we haven’t even gotten to the annual Christmas special, but the first five episodes of this season of Doctor Who were great!  Old companions left the show.  A new companion will be joining the show.  We saw Daleks, Weeping Angels, the old west, an invasion by seemingly inanimate black cubes, not to mention dinosaurs!  On a spaceship!!  I hope the second half of the season brings the same level of geeky awesomeness that the first half did.  Nonetheless, I am thankful for the five episodes we’ve been given to this point.





#7. Windows Phone 8- If you’ve read any of my previous lists, I’ve made it clear I am a fan of the Windows Phone.  I purchased a WP7 when they first came out and I’m upgrading to the new Nokia Lumia 920 immediately.  It’s gotten rave reviews and Microsoft has finally implemented a strong marketing campaign to back the devices.  There are not many cases where I am an early adopter of technology (TiVo and Kindle are the only others that come to mind). I owned my previous flip-phone for SIX years until I purchased my WP7 and I have rarely been anything but incredibly pleased by it.  I am thankful for Microsoft manufacturing a smartphone that hasn’t been adopted by every hipster wearing an ironic t-shirt and making it easier to use, for a lazy geek like me, than cluttered looking Android phones that just make my brain hurt.





#6. New Star Wars Movies- I know, I know, Disney will be making them.  Yet, that doesn’t bother me one bit.  Is it possible that they will just rape any last shred of dignity the saga had left after Lucas did the same with the prequels?  Sure it’s possible.  Although, they did a pretty good job with the Avengers didn’t they?  More on that later in the article.  I am thankful they took the franchise out of its creator’s hands and plan on moving forward.  No matter what they do it can’t be worse than episodes I, II, and III, right??





#5. Star Trek Footage- If going to see The Hobbit on December 14th wasn’t geek motivation enough to leave your house, Paramount has announced that it will be showing a NINE MINUTE preview of the new Star Trek film beforehand.  This should tide you over until the film is released in May.  The entire cast is returning and Benedict Cumberbatch will be joining them as the yet unnamed villain.  I am thankful for J.J. Abrams and Paramount Pictures for returning my favorite science fiction franchise to the big screen once again.  My only suggestion to Abrams…cut back on the signature lens flares.  You don’t wanna turn into Michael Bay, do you?





#4. Mass Effect 3- I understand that there were quite a few fans of this video game franchise, who were up in arms over the ending to the game.  Well get over it!  Quit your whining and appreciate the conclusion of one of the best video game series in recent times, if not ever.  This game delivered on every level.  Just as it has from the moment I played the original Mass Effect.  I am a proponent of games that I can spend HUNDREDS of hours exploring and building my character.  Yet, not a single game in this series took me more than 40-50 hours to achieve 100% completion, and I have absolutely no complaints about that.  I would gladly hand over my sixty dollars again and again for a game that short if they could ALL be as good as this saga was.  So, I am thankful for Bioware and the developers of Mass Effect 3 for the great storytelling and gameplay behind the conclusion to one of my favorite video games of all time.





#3. The Dark Knight Rises- Another amazing saga that came to an end this year.  Also, much like the preceding entry on the list, it was not without its critics.  To them I also say to kiss off.  Was this movie a groundbreaking film that will stand throughout history as one of the masterpieces of cinema?  Of course not.  Was it a great movie with great characters that brought a great ending to a stellar saga?  Absolutely!  I am thankful that Bane turned out to be a better nemesis than I had expected.  Especially after having to fill the villain shoes left empty by Heath Ledger after the last film.  Was he as bad-ass as they make him out to be in the comic books?  Maybe not.  Although, I could care less.  Get over yourselves, fanboys!





#2. The Walking Dead- Possibly the single best program on all of television.  This year we have gone from Herschel’s farm to the prison.  We’ve endured the deaths of multiple characters, the birth of a baby, zombies on leashes, zombies in riot gear, and there is still more to come!  Why does the Governor have aquariums full of zombie heads?  What will happen when Merle comes face to face with Rick?  And who is calling the phone inside the prison??  Hopefully all of these questions will be answered this season.  I am thankful for Robert Kirkman creating a simple black and white comic book about a zombie apocalypse that has grown into one of the most awesome television shows on the planet.




Finally, the number one geeky thing I am thankful for this year…..




#1. The Avengers- I don’t often go to the theatre to see a movie, but if every time I did, that movie was as good as Marvel’s The Avengers…I would be there during all of my spare time.  It’s the third highest grossing film of all time and it was well deserved.  I don’t know a geek out there who DIDN’T enjoy this film.  It was action packed, incredibly amusing at times, had a great comic book feel, and left us with an ending that made every nerd out there whisper the name Thanos.  I am thankful for Joss Whedon who probably deserves his own entry on a list like this for everything geeky and spectacular the man has done.  Yet, I’ll settle for including him here for his impeccable directing of a Hollywood blockbuster that I don’t think I could have enjoyed any more than I did.



That wraps up my list of the top eight geeky things I am thankful for this year.  So when your family gets together on Thursday and rattles off the things THEY are thankful for like family, friends, health, and the usual drivel.  You should tell them how thankful you are for geeky phones, video games, television programs, and movies.  Or if you like…comment below and let us know here at 8daysageek what you are thankful for in the nerd world this year.  As always, you can email me at [email protected] and find me on Twitter @SeanMLScott.  Until next time….Allons-y!

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