Apple Conference: Mini iPads, new iMac, iPad.. 4?!


For having a little press conference, Apple and Tim Cook made big news today in the hardware world. Does everyone have their wallets ready? Because a lot of you might want to get your hands on one or two of the devices below.

  • 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Mini
  • Redesigned iMac
  • Fusion Drive

The New iMac and Fusion Drive


The refreshed iMac is 40% thinner at only 5mm thick. Everything about it has been redesigned and you can definitely see it. It’s unibody design comes with an even thinner screen, which said to be 75% less reflective. It will come in the normal 21.5 inch and 27-inch sizes later this year.

Part of the reason this new iMac is so thin is the lack of a DVD drive. Considering Apple’s reliance on its app store for every devices now, this may not be the most terrible thing in the world. But, as someone who watches DVDs on my computers on a pretty consistent, it’s something some won’t like. An external can be connected via USB drive. The hardware for the new iMac will also be compatible with the new Fusion Drive that will raise data speed of the already high capacity drives, considerably higher than what we have right now.

It’s known as a hybrid drive, which is being marketed now but not common (yet). It mixes flash memory and conventional storage to, like was already said, increase internal speed. Apple claims that rarely used items will be stored on the hard drive while frequently accessed items will be stored on the Fusion Drive. It’s internal speed management, and as someone with a last-gen black macbook (old, I know) this sounds amaz-zuh-ing.

iPad Mini

overviewTo compete with the small tablet market, Apple has finally unveiled it’s worst-kept secret, the iPad MIni. At 7.9 inches, it has the same retina display  but a smaller screen resolution (1024×768) as the regular-sized iPad and all the functions. It does include a front and back camera, capable of 1080p video. It won’t have the best camera they’ve come up with, it’s only 5mp, but  it will have the optional LTE modem.

The problem with this model is that it’s running the last generation A5 CPU, but it can last 10 plus hours on the battery. Not a bad trade off considering Apple tablets are not known for their battery life. It’s starting price is $329 for the 16GB model and goes up to $659 for the 64GB model. Still more expensive thanits competitors, but definitely one to watch out for.

iPad 4

Seven months ago The New iPad – aka iPad 3 – came out and now … uh… the iPad 4 is here! It is the same size, has the same display, and is almost the same in every way except for two big differences: the lightning dock (which you see on the iPhone 5) and the new A6X processor.

This should be known as the iPad 3.1. It doesn’t deserve a point five even. For those of you have that were waiting to invest in the iPad, good job. For those of you that just recently bought an iPad 3, there will be opportunities to upgrade for little to no cost to you. The same prices as the previous iPads apply to the new model.

overview_hero13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display

The new Macbook Pro will feature retina display, much like its big-screened brother, and a higher ppi of 232, vs the 15-inch’s measly 226 ppi. It will come with a pair of Thunderbolt ports, an HDMI port and a pair of USB 3s ports.

It is a little slimmer then the non-retina display model and ships now. The base model will take you for $1699 and comes with a 2.5GHz i5 processor, 8GBs of RAM, and 128 GB of flash memory, which you can increase in the customization menu for more dinero.


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