8 Easy and Geeky Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Halloween is this coming Wednesday and if you are anything like me, you enjoy carving yourself a nice geeky pumpkin to place on the front porch.  Now I don’t want to spend hours and hours carving some of the elaborate jack-o-lanterns I have seen on the internet.  I do have television to watch and video games to play.  So this week we’ll look at eight geeky and somewhat easy pumpkin ideas for this week’s holiday.  I have personally carved a couple that will appear on this list and if I can do it so can you.  Let’s get to it….



#8. Xbox Red Ring of Death- This one seems simple enough to carve and anyone who has seen this configuration of red lights on their Xbox knows it’s quite possibly one of the scariest sites you’ll ever see.  Celebrate Microsoft’s ability to manufacture the finest gaming system with the world’s worst defect by displaying it on your porch this Halloween.




#7. Internet Explorer- I don’t want to harp on Microsoft here, I’m a huge fan of the company.  Although, if you’ve ever used Internet Explorer you are fully aware of its scariness.  Luckily, you won’t accidentally download a tool bar while carving this up on Wednesday.





#6. RSS Feed- This one is almost too simple.  Yet, at the same time being so geeky I had to place it on the list.  I don’t know if a single child knocking on your door Halloween night will understand what it is, but you might get a few amusing looks from their parents.





#5. Pi- Show your geeky love for geometry with every nerd’s favorite number!  While you’re at it, figure out the volume of that pumpkin you are carving…The volume of a sphere with radius is (4/3) [pi] r3





#4. Star Trek- Every geek loves Star Trek, right?  Unless you’re one of those silly Star Wars fans.  Don’t worry…I’ve got a Star Wars pumpkin for you guys as well.  For those of us who enjoy GOOD science fiction though, here’s a simple way to display your loyalty to the Federation of Planets.





#3. Star Wars- As promised, I have included a Star Wars themed pumpkin for you Lucas lovers out there.  This is not my personal picture…but I HAVE carved this pumpkin personally.  It is probably the most difficult carving on the list.  So if you are going to undertake it, plan on a few hours work.  Just don’t do it too far in advance or the very thin pieces will begin to droop and Boba will look like he’s melting.





#2. TARDIS- I know Doctor Who is off the air until the annual Christmas episode.  Though, as a Whovian, what could be better than carving the good doctor’s mode of transportation onto this year’s pumpkin?  As a matter of fact…THIS is what I will be carving this year.  There are a few different designs you can choose from and I haven’t decided which one I will personally be using this year.  This particular design seems simple enough.  Although, scraping the pumpkin down in places instead of cutting straight through is actually harder than it would seem.





#1. Batman- This is a picture of MY personal carving done last year.  Why is MY personal jack-o-lantern placed at number one on the list?  Because I get to write it, that’s why!  I don’t think any other superhero better fits the holiday of Halloween than Batman.  The guy prowls around at night, wears a spooky costume, and scares the bejesus out of the bad guys.  So, make your Halloween a truly dark night (Insert rim shot for bad pun here) with this moderately difficult jack-o-lantern.



There you have it.  Eight geeky and easy pumpkin carving ideas for this Halloween.  You can get FAR more intricate than the designs I’ve shown you here.  I have seen some absolutely stunning pictures of pumpkins from every genre of geekdom.  Remember, just about any picture you have can become a stencil for a geeky jack-o-lantern and if I can carve Boba Fett and Batman you guys can do it just as easily.  If you have an idea for a geeky pumpkin this Wednesday, I’d love to see it!  You can email me at [email protected] or hit me up on Twitter @SeanMLScott.  Until next week….Allons-y!!

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