TWIG: NFL 13 vs Skyrim Housing

BuildThe latest (and fairly inexpensive at 400 MS Points) expansion for Skyrim came out on September 4th. It features the ability to build your own house-verging-on-mansion with customizable wings and floors. It has no new missions, like Dawnguard, but it provides some new dialogue for Jarls to talk down to you when they offer you a far off plot of land to settle. I’ve learned one thing playing it thus far: you can never have enough iron ingots. The-Elder-Scrolls-V-Skyrim-Hearthfire-2

Offered with this new home-making experience in Tamriel is the ability to adopt orphans, hire a house steward, and transport your spouse to their new giant (or small, if that’s what you like) manor. You can even add an apiary and smelter outside, plus a small garden. I’ve taken advantage of the armory wing and greenhouse, and now have a collection for the ingredients I never use and the armor I collect but never wear.

I have not yet hired a steward or married a pretty Skyrim NPC, or adopted some childlings, so I’m fairly new to the DLC still. I have spent too much gold upgrading the house to be as big as it can be and now I want it for myself. I have had to fight off some wolves and a giant, which is why you need a steward. I’m not sure what happens when you don’t have one and you get attacked, but I imagine I’ll find out later.




Game Releases


Tekken Tag Tournament 2
PS3/Xbox 360
September 11, 2012

This is a port to the console, and a  sequel to Tekken Tag Tournament, which did fairly well.The roster is bigger, there are new battle modes, the combos are described as ultimate. It’s Tekken! It’s fighting.

They have awesome hair. (If not a little weird.)


NHL 13
PS3/Xbox 360
September 11, 2012

NHL 13 boasts over 1,000 new gameplay animations and better, more accurate speed that reflects real life hockey. They even messed with the AI to make it more accurate, as they say, but we all know AI fails miserably in most games. That being said, hockey is better than football and therefore I whole heartedly support the purchase of NHL 13.

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