Geek Book Review: The Complete Flash Gordon Library Vol. 1

 There are very few  comic strips that I would want to own ALL of.  Meaning that after I’ve read the comic I’m pretty much done and won’t care to read it again for quite awhile.  Flash Gordon is very much not a comic I am done with.

Flash Gordon, as a character, was well into his life when I was a youngling (having started in 1934 while I was born in 1985), but that didn’t stop me from getting hooked on the character.  I believe that the characters in the Flash Gordon strips paved the way for most scifi comics and characters that came after them.

Titan Books has gone through a lot of trouble to bring Flash Gordon back to life so that collectors, nostalgic comic readers, and newbies alike can get hooked all over again.  Volume 1 of The Complete Flash Gordon Library is a beautifully put together book that contains the Sunday comic strips of Flash from 1934 to 1937.  Even at only 3 years the book contains 203 pages of amazingly well restored and colored strips showing us the beginning of Flash Gordon and his adventures.   The hard cover book has a metallic gold title and a satin finish that would make it a great addition to any comic collection.

This book truly is a piece of history in your hands.  Reading the same comic strips that entertained children and adults alike over 80 years ago is quite the experience.  I am amazed at how well this book is put together.  If you collect comic books, want to relive a hero of the past, or just like unbelievably pretty books, then The Complete Flash Gordon Library Vol. 1 is a book you should own.

PS.  I know that in this review I really focus on the quality of the book itself and the art, not the stories; this is because of just how blown away I am at how well the book is built.  It truly is a collectors item.

The Complete Flash Gordon Library Vol. 1 was compliments of Titan Books.

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