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Higgs Fields and Boson particles, Spider powered teenagers, and a man named Joey Chestnut all in this weeks Geekend Review.

Well, an easy prediction, The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone tops the box office this week with 65,000,000$. The movie was released last Tuesday and is another origin story for the web slinging super hero. (see review). Andrew Garfield replaces Tobey McGuire and is a much more believable Peter Parker with his gangley frame and youthful appearance . Gwen Stacey is the love interest this time around, played by the gorgeous Emma Stone. A much more love centered story and a much more character driven story the Amazing Spider-Man may not have been the most amazing movie but is definitely worth seeing. If for no other reason than to wash the taste of Spider-Man 3 out of your mouth.

They said it couldn’t be done. They said it shouldn’t be done, seriously it’s unhealthy, but America shows it’s pride again with Joey Chestnut winning the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest for the sixth year in a row. While the rest of us were buying last minute fireworks and loading up ice chests for the fourth of July, Mr. Chestnut was shoving hot dog after hot dog into his face.

In a related story, the fourth of July came and went. While this is not the geekiest of holidays it is worth mentioning because banks were closed and some of us had the day off work to catch up on geeking.

The biggest news this week had to have been the smashing of two particles to create the elusive Higgs boson particle, or so called “God particle”. I know you thought they had already created this in the movie Angels and Demons but that was just a movie. Now one has been created in reality and the Illuminati is really going to destroy the Vatican with an anti-matter bomb. Trending like a Justin Bieber or a Kardashian, the Higgs was all the rage last week when the 17-mile-hadron-collider in Cern finally revealed evidence of the theorized elementary particle. It’ll be a little while longer before we’re all flying around in Higgs boson powered jetpacks though, but this was a serious breakthrough, so congratulations nerds.

Now what should seem like an even bigger deal to you is the AMC marathon of The Walking Dead before a live Talking Dead hosted by nerd royalty Chris Hardwick and a preview of season 3. Then the whole amazing buffet of dead flesh and cinematic brilliance is topped off with a geniusly thrown together Black and White screening of the first episode, ala the comic book. Kirkman’s hit comic series is released in B&W. The critically praised show is in color but watching the first episode of season one without color is an idea so avant-garde it may litterally blow may mind across the back wall like so much zombie brain.


Unfortunately for DishNetwork subscribers, they won’t be able to see this once in a lifetime piece of God given amazingly brilliant amazingness (seriously, it’s going to be amazing). Dish dropped the Network AMC after a pricing dispute. Speculation that some sort of resolve will happen between the two in the future echoes in the realm of rumors. Until that mythical day comes DishNetwork customers will lose out on the hit series The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Killing, and Hell On Wheels. They will have to settle instead for the increased package including HDNet and HDMovies. Fortunately though, everything in the world can be find online if you know where to look, and the Walking Dead exists in a series of books that are equally amazing and further along in the series. So if you really need your “dead”, grab a book. I promise you it will be as good.


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