Geek TV Review: Warehouse 13 Season Four Premiere

Last week the SyFy network broke our geek hearts when Eureka aired its final episode.  This week, they attempted to mitigate that depression by airing the fourth season premiere of our favorite government sanctioned magical treasure hunters, Warehouse 13.  Season three left us with multiple character deaths; including the loss of Mrs. Frederic, Steve Jinks, and H.G. Wells.  Not to mention the complete destruction of the warehouse.  That is exactly where season four begins.  Let’s get into the spoilers…



We find Pete, Mykah and Artie standing amidst the rubble of the warehouse.  Pete and Mykah, shocked at the devastation, pick up on a comment Artie has made about a possible fail-safe.  Before many questions can be answered we are shown that Pandora’s Box has not made it through the explosion safely and without some kind of artifact intervention the world will literally “lose all hope”.  I can’t go on without mentioning that we are provided with a small treat before the show really gets going.  In order to locate the artifact needed to turn back time and reverse the destruction, Artie needs to manually access the artifact locator.  This machine turns out to be the football that we have seen periodically tossed into the air outside the warehouse and the answer to why there is a football constantly circling the globe is finally provided.



The crew head to southern France to track down the needed artifact with only 23 hours before the destruction is permanent and their fail-safe is useless.  In France we are greeted by the guest appearance of Brent Spiner, who looks to be this season’s number one villain.  He leads the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Black Diamond and they are entrusted to protect the artifact that the warehouse crew is in desperate need of.  Claudia locates what they believe to be the artifact and it turns out to be Magellan’s astrolabe, but it seems to be missing a key component.  She returns to the crawlspace where it was found to search for the missing alidade and is trapped inside by the aforementioned head of the brotherhood, Brother Adrian.  Peter and Mykah incapacitate Adrian but there is no help for Claudia.  She must stay behind, trapped, while the rest of the crew heads to St. Peter’s Basilica.



One by one the crew is picked off in the search for the missing alidade.  Mykah is taken by French authorities while providing a distraction and Pete actually loses his life battling Brother Adrian for possession of the artifact.  Artie is just about to use the now reassembled astrolabe, when Brother Adrian issues a dying warning.  A great evil of Artie’s own making will be unleashed if the artifact is used.  With no other option available, and despite the warning given, Artie activates the astrolabe and turns back time by 24 hours.  With the warehouse destruction still imminent, Artie races through the aisles in search of yet another artifact that can be used to disrupt the bomb fueled by pure hatred that Walter Sykes has planted.  An artifact of pure peace is located and after a bit of trial and error figuring out that it is Sykes that needs to be diffused not the bomb, everything is put back to normal and everyone is safe.  Or so we think…



Artie vouches for H.G. Wells’ character and the Regents allow her to go free.  Mrs. Frederic lets it be known that she is aware Artie has done something but is not sure exactly what it is.  Claudia, distraught that they were not able to turn back time far enough to save Jinks, departs in the middle of the night.  We are shown a prophetic vision of Claudia chasing Artie through a darkened hallway before cornering him and plunging a dagger into his chest while the words of Brother Adrian echo in the background.  All in all, this was an action packed episode which combined the drama and humor that this show excels at.  Season four is twenty episodes long but will be split into two ten episode chunks with the second half beginning in April.  Presumably this story arc will encompass the first ten episodes and this geek cannot wait to see how it plays out.

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  1. Brent Spiner is the villain? You had me at Brent Spiner is the villain. I have never seen this show, but I will now.

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