Geek Book Review: Lady, Go Die! by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins


Mike Hammer is a good guy P.I. who just can’t seem to turn down a client in trouble. For those of you who have followed Mike through the ups and downs of his career, here is a new story for you to enjoy. “Lady, Go Die” is called “the lost Mike Hammer novel”; started by Mickey Spilane and finished by Max Allen Collins, “Lady, Go Die” is a classic piece of Mike Hammer’s story taking place right after the events of “I, The Jury”. Here is a quick synopsis:

When Hammer and Velda go on vacation to a Long Island beach town, Hammer becomes embroiled in the mystery of a missing well-known New York party girl who lives nearby. When the woman turns up naked – and dead – astride the statue of a horse in the town square, Hammer feels compelled to investigate.

Mickey Spillane’s lost 1940s Mike Hammer novel, written between I, the Jury and My Gun Is Quickand never before published! Completed by Spillane’s friend and literary executor Max Allan Collins,Lady, Go Die is finally making its way into print almost 70 years after its inception!

My favorite thing about the character of Mike Hammer is that he’s always in the wrong place at the right time and, with his heart of gold, always helps the little guy. A fast talking, hard hitting, straight shooting P.I. that always gets his man (or woman), Mike Hammer is the guy most of us think of when we think “PI”.

“Lady, Go Die” puts Mike on vacation trying to relax after crawling into a bottle to get away from his thoughts. Of course, when Mike goes to a place murder isn’t far behind and Mike soon runs into not only murder, but also gambling, dirty cops, and a “simple” man who sees more than he’s supposed to. The only complaint that I had throughout the book is that this version of Mike Hammer seemed to be a bit nicer than all of the rest. Mike seemed to not be as harsh and without tact, however, this is certainly not a deal breaker.

“Lady, Go Die” is a great Mike Hammer story for those of us who like a good ole’ fashioned crime novel with a beat down, drunk, PI doing his job because he feels he has to. The character of Mike Hammer never gets old and always seems to please.

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