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Tonight the 2012 London Olympics officially kicked off. With a 40 million dollar opening ceremony (which was kind of weird and…?) put together by Oscar winning Director of Slum Dog Millionaire, and I’d say more notably Train Spotting, Danny Boyle. It’s mostly Archery scheduled for today’s events in London. Tomorrow many more, everything from Badminton (which I’m fairly confident I could seriously compete in after training for two weeks) to Weight Lifting and Judo. I plan on setting the DVR up to watch a handful of these which made me think, what are the events to watch. How can they be geeky, I mean, watching the events with heavy intent is kind of geeky on it’s own isn’t it? So I’m going to do a list. A list of events to watch, based of yet another complex series of twenty-sided-die rolls and magic 8-ball questions. I plug those results into an intense set of algebraic equations that I don’t even understand and likely aren’t even algebraic equations and viola, eight events to DVR because they are awesome or have some reason to be viewed by the geektastic masses.

8- Archery. I’ve been watching anime all week, and every good anime has one thing in common. Archers. Archers are also very prominent in Elven culture. These fancy ladies to my left certainly love archery, and you can to for only 19.95. Seriously though, we already have a world record holder competing who set their world record in their set up before the games. It’s another sport I like to believe I could learn and compete in, and I’d do it dressed like LINK. The first round of competition began today after the Mr. Boyle’s interesting Opening Ceremony and continues tomorrow. Watch the events and let me know if I miss anything cool.

7-Judo. Kayla Harrison on the USA team is a prominent contender for the gold this year. US has never won gold in Judo, and Harrison has won the World Championship for female competition as recently as 2010 and is hoping to be the face for U.S. Judo. It’ll also be interesting to watch how the situation with Saudi contender Wajdan Ali Seraj whom they’re trying to work out a way for her to compete with her head scarf. I don’t have to tell you how Judo fits the geek bill.


6-Taekwondo. I’m not going to put boxing on the list, because it’s soooo last week. My dad might like boxing but after MMA came onto the scene the idea of such uber restricted fighting is just… meh. But All other fighting needs a spot on the list. Wrestling may fall short because I don’t have time to watch every event, but I’m going to check out the face kicking action of taekwondo. I just wish they’d take off the head gear and put them in an octogon.


5-Women’s Volleyball. Watching these women display their athleticism is such an amazing example of athleticism, and the athletic way athletes can be so athletic. Their athletic outfits help “shape” the sport into an outstanding “display” of… athleticism. That lady has a cool tattoo.



4-Olympic Shootin’. The oldest Olympian ever competed in Shooting in 1920. This year the oldest Olymp[ian competes in Equestrian, and I’d likely say that he’s not the real Olympian there, Mitt Romney’s Horse is. But this year one of the riflemen is 62, and Rifle shooting and fire arm enthusiasm itself is a sort of geeky trend sometimes. The marksmen on History Channel’s Top Shot were some B-A mofos, and special forces from every angle and most wouldn’t call them geeks at all. But I’m going to say the idea of being that warrior type, that skilled weapons master is very adherent to geek culture.

3-Olympic Trampoline. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an Olympian doing a Superman pose above the Olympic tramp. I put this event pretty high up on the list, and I know you’re wondering where synchronized swimming and Badminton are going to fall and still have room for Track and Field. Well, their not. Olympic Trampoline screams geek. I know they’re better on a trampoline then I could ever dream of being, but it’s so silly. These are Olympic Athletes who compete in bouncing. I wanted to give them the one spot but the algebraic equations put them at 3. Sorry.


2-Fencing. Mostly I want to see ninjas at the Olympics and sword fighting, or “fencing” is so ninja it makes me swoon like a little school girl. Not really but I love the noise their sabers make and the idea is so awesome. I wish they were fighting with broad swords and pole axes but I’ll take what I can get.




1-Gymnastics. I could have put a sexy girl photo here (believe me there were plenty to choose from), but I’ve already given a spot away for that (see archery). This guys face makes me laugh, but the reason Gymnastics gets the one spot is because it is one of the most watched events in the Olympic Games.  I could have put any of the other events on here, Swimming, Track, etc. but Gymnastic does have the enjoyable competitors who are “athletic” and they bounce around on that damned mat like ninja. Micheal Phelps couldn’t fight crime (save me your Aquaman speeches), and Track Stars can run from bad guys all day. But in a comic world it would be the acrobats (Dick Greyson) who become the heroes. So one spot to you Gymnists, And may the Force be with you.

Feel free to challenge my algorithm for most watch worthy events or call me a pervert in the comments section below. You can also accomplish this @werewolforigin or@8daysageek. Also feel free to email us your enthusiastic feelings about my brilliant writing with ideas for future writings you’d like to see. Until next time, The End.



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