Geek Comic Review: Spandex: Fast and Hard

We’ve seen the sex and superheroes stuff before, many times it’s hard to breathe new life into that kind of stuff. Spandex didn’t only do this, but it did it all while having every one of the main characters gay. That’s right, a gay super team. With the current media explosion involving homosexuality this book is timely and relevant. There were many jokes and references with the gay culture, but it wasn’t like it was only standing on the one leg. The characters had depth and the story was intriguing and what I believe was the first male  cross dressing superhero (suck it Catalina), I was honestly angry that I only got one part of the story I would have kept reading if it my local shop carried it, but it’s an indie book, so if you want it then go out and ask for it.

I’ve always been one for there to be more heroes that can help kids understand different walks of life and this book is obviously not for kids, but I think there is a strong message here that other comic companies can learn from. Creating gay heroes is fine, you don’t have to just up and change an existing character because you want to have more gay characters. This point alone scores extra points in my book.

The art isn’t the best by conventional means, but this book is anything but conventional and it evokes the indie feeling that most super hero books fail to get. I could have gone without some of the more explicit sex scenes and the fact that every single character was so flamboyant. I felt it would have still been as strong even if the sexuality was toned down a bit even though I suppose that was the point, but nonetheless it was a great book

Overall I give Spandex: Fast and Hard a B rating, I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it had a few issues. Not for everyone, but you should give it a chance if you were a fan of Love and Rockets or Luba.

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