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It’s been a long hard week in the world of geek. So many things have happened and so little time to talk about them. The 35th anniversary of A New Hope came and went, ON THE SAME DAY AS INTERNATIONAL NERD DAY! What a coincidence! Facebook finished its first full week as a publicly traded company. Game of Thrones lost its damned mind as it begins to wrap up its’ sophomore season (two more episodes). One million confused overbearing mothers, who are likely going to be viewed the same why segregation supporters from the 60’s are looked back upon now, “came out” against the DCU for forward thinking and believing we should just show the world how it actually is instead of pretending and lying to our kids. UFC 146 exploded tonight in a blood bath, “…like a real life zombie movie” – @ComicBookGrrl describes in twitterverse. The Chernobyl Diaries (see main article) and the highly anticipated Men In Black 3 (see main article) hit the screens. All of this happened and continues to happen along with one hundred million other geeky things in this ever expanding world of sub pop culture and nerd trends.

May 25th, 1977 one of the biggest events in are world of nerd and geek birthed into being. George Lucas’ space opera Star Wars A New Hope opened in theaters every where. It is one of the most highly recognizable “things” in existence. Darth Vader is as recognizable world wide as Jesus. May the 25th was the 35th anniversary of the iconic masterpiece and its not only celebrated each year, but the day has become recognized as International Geek Pride Day. GPD grows every year with some towns holding parades but mostly honored by dawning your favorite geek apparel. I just ordered a “Winter Is Coming” Direwolf shirt I’ll be flaunting all over next years

Segway into #GameofThrones. Am I right?!?! The war has come to the gates of the Red Keep and Joffrey is planning on fighting his uncle Stannis on the front lines. “They say he never smiles. I’ll give him a red smile, from ear to ear.” The Brat King boasts like a fool to Tyrion as they overlook the waters outside the castle. The best scene was watching Tyrion realize he loves Shea. His queen/sister has kidnapped a whore from his past believing it to be the harlot who stole the little man’s heart (its the prostitute from Winterfell who traveled south). Two episodes left. One is just hours away. This is looking to be one of the most memorable stories on television and each week is history. Like the Moon Landing, only better.

Facebook has also been heavy in the news lately. The business went public a week ago, opening at 31.00 a share and peaking as high as 42.00 before taking a huge dive. It finally settles back around where it started. Certainly lackluster when you think about how Google opened onto the market near a 100.00. Analyst bounced around like the stock itself with their opinions, which may have influenced the sitch. The real problem is, no one knows how you even maximize the market on Facebook. You can’t flood it with ads or charge, people will leave. Eduardo Saverin made headlines as well, which may have influenced the numbers. Laws are being shaped and reshaped in attempt to catch his share of the FB pie. He renounced US citizenship the eve before it went public in an attempt to dodge capitol gains tax here in the US.

If you follow UFC then you probably already know that in tonight’s UFC bout 146 Junior Dos Santos trounced Frank Mir in bloody gladiator slugfest. Twitter mostly agreed that JDS won it all in round one but Mir was saved by the bell. In the first main event former Heavy Weight Champ Cain Velasquez knocked Antonio Silva across the street for the TKO. UFC may not seem sub pop to some, but those people are wrong. You definitely have to have some small section in you dedicated to collecting and obsessing to even care and that is what lies at a “nerd’s” core. Especially with the rise of the Geek in pop culture today; break videos and Jackass, comics, games, and blockbuster movies make up the soup that we devour. UFC falls somewhere in a sub genre off to the left and below Ninja Weapons and right next to Ninja Warrior. So eat up.

Some movies came out and if you back tab you can read what 8DAG has to say on that, but the real meat of the week is the DCU. Detective Comics announced last week that in June it will have a “Major” “Iconic” “Male” character come out as gay. Well Tag, Batman you have been deemed “it” in a gaggle of guesses about which existing character will land the part. DC has already announced that it will be a figure not previously introduced as of yet to the New52. So no Aquaman, Batman, Supes, Cyborg or any other main cast from the JLA. I hope its Hawkman and they reinvent Hawkwoman as Hawkman #2, his partner in heroics and in life. The group known as One Million Moms has released a public outcry against any and all of this. “…An outrage to introduce an existing character, whom children already admire and look up to as gay” “…what are you going to say when you son is playing like he has a boyfriend just like Superman”. Many believe DC is doing this in response to The Presidents recent support for gay marriage. I personally don’t believe children are influenced about their sexual orientation through comics. If you are so distant from your children that they are shaping their life from the fictions you purchase for them, than I’d worry more about that relationship before I marched against comics. In fact, I’d protest more in opposition against this “one million mom outcry” if it wouldn’t take so much time and energy from the children I’m raising. If children are influenced by sexual orientation at all, and that’s debatable, then wouldn’t those against homosexuality serve their cause better by serving as a strong role model for their children. Apparently some people just shove comics in their hands to keep them busy while they assemble protest signs. It is baffling. I guess it’s good that it will all be different in the future. Comics have always been on the cutting edge and have a pretty solid track record of predicting the future when it comes to these things (Northstar has been openly gay for decades and Batwoman, another openly gay character in comics, was one of the highest praised launches from DC’s New52)


Well, this has been the Geekend Review. An odd week in geek and I really didn’t have time discuss robot news, touch base on all the other great shows or discuss all the major events. What a hodge-podge collection of events? Well, that’s a geekend for you. There’s a lot of weeks in the future to catch up and tell it all from another angle. Until then, if you’d like to discuss further follow me @werewolforigin or find me on facebook before they close the doors from a stockmarket crash. The End.



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