Bin Fodder: C2E2 Ladies of Womanthology Panel


One of the panels I was most looking forward to at C2E2 was the Ladies of Womanthology.  This book is an inspiration that young and aspiring comic book artists and writers could look at as a success story.


On the panel is: writer Jessica Daniel, writer Lauren Burke, artist Jean Kang, writer Janet Lee, artist Raven Moore, artist Candice Reilly-Powell, artist Katie Shanahan and writer Gail Simone.


There was a massive creative team involved in the making of this book, only a small portion of which were represented at C2E2; the anchor of course being Gail Simone.  As a woman who has not only broken into the industry, but conquered it, her support for this project is outstanding.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Womanthology is a kickstarter project designed to bring female artists and writers together.  The model was built on the idea that women are, generally, marginalized in the industry both as creators and characters.


Womanthology breaks that mold be giving artists and writers of all levels experience from the never-worked-in-comics-before personalities like Raven Moore to she-rules-in-comics people like Barbara Kesel.


The first volume of Womanthology was entitled Heroic.  The title was definitely emblematic of stories as the focus was on young women making their way through real or surreal life experiences to conquer all manner of things from pre-conceived notions to monsters.

Not an easy thing to do in four pages, but the writer/artist teams did a great job, overall, of making this work.


The panel discussion centered around who the creators involved were, a bit of back story on each of them.  The discussion then moved into varying topics of women in comics, how the book came together and the future of the project (which there will definitely be one: Womanthology – Space).  Super excited for this!  I’m a nerd for all things space so this appeals to me on extra levels.

The Q & A segment of the panel discussion was an interesting mix of men/women asking questions ranging from how those on the panel felt working on this anthology had helped or would help their career to what their feelings were on women in the industry.


Experiencing this panel was a true joy of C2E2.  This is real comic-booking at its purest.  These people are writing and drawing for the pure joy of it, because they love it and because they really want to make a quality product.  It’s not about money or even fame so much as it’s about bringing their story to the public for the enjoyment of it.


I commend this project and those who worked on it and cannot wait for the next installment.


This is your Bin Fodder Guru Tim Blacksmith signing off.


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