Apple App-Aholics Anonymous (Illusia 2: Melody of Dreams)

App Name: Illusia 2: Melody of Dreams
Developer: Gamevil Inc.
Price: FREE! 
App-Aholic Rating: 3/5


Straight out of the gate, Illusia 2 has evolved beyond its predecessor. Instead of just one character to choose from, there are three, ranging from the typical Warrior, Magician, and Assassin, each which are accompanied by a Fairy (and yes, there are three saving slots so you can try them all). While this variety is a breath of fresh air, Illusia 2 brings along with it some concerns that weren’t in the original application.

As far as the initial aesthetics, the character seems to fall much too quickly when jumping, making the character feel extremely heavy. The character also seems to walk just a tad too slow, making the balance agility/jump ratio disproportionate (though a dash feature has been added). Not only that, the graphics engine hasn’t been improved since the original title (which isn’t a horrible thing, but we all know by now that Apple’s devices can do more than some developers are willing to let on), and the game music is horrendously annoying. Finally, the keys are big and bulky (even at lowest capacity) and will force your fingers to get in the way.

Then there’s another neutral attribute that will either make or break a lot of gamers from trying out Illusia 2. While I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about it, Gamevil Inc. has elected to bring Illusia 2 to the AppStore as a “freemium” piece; in other words, the possibility of numerous and potentially bothersome in-app purchases may occur, but these purchases “are not required to complete the game,” as so many developers have explained. It just means you may have to work your little thumb-tips off to make it through some of the challenges as the game progresses. On the bright side of freemium, Gamevil has added the incentive of daily gold rewards that improve with each 24 hours the player opens the app (that’s right, you don’t have to play it; just open it!).

Fact Is:
In my personal opinion, Gamevil borderline ruined their other mainstream title, Zenonia, by injecting the fourth installment to “freemium” mentality. Half way through the game (without purchases) the enemies grew much too difficult unless the player wanted to lighten their wallet by several precious bills or spend countless hours battling just to level up. Freemium does seem to be the latest craze in mobile gaming though; I only hope this terrific title hasn’t been ruined like the ones before it.

Bottom Line:
It’s free, so it’s worth a try. The worst that could happen is you spend too much time progressing just to find you have to delete it because you can’t feesibly get any farther in the plot. Though this sucks, it’s not a complete heartbreaker,

Sum it Up:
The first Illusia is better in terms of playability and function. Illusia 2 is better in choice of character selection and weaponry. I’m not sure if this, plus the free pricetag coupled with less-than-stellar gameplay is worth the time investment it would take to complete.

I loved the original Illusia so much, I played it twice. Honestly, at level 21, I’m not really sure if I even want to finish the sequel even once. 

Happy Downloading, Addicts!

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  1. The graphics are attractive plus the new skills are thrilling to initiate,other then the gameplays gravity which is a challenge upon button matched capabilities. Its already considered a CLASSIC MOBILE RPG!. PLUS ITS FREE TO TRY,A MUST PLAY.

  2. I absolutely agree that it’s a must-try. That’s the beauty of freemium gaming, as it allows anyone to test the game out before committing to paying money via in-game purchases, etc. For any RPG fan, there’s really no reason to not give it a shot. A lot of gamers may be pleasantly surprised as to what a freemium title such as this one has to offer.

    Thank you for your comment, Phenom!

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