Android App-aholics Anonymous (9 Innings: Pro Baseball)

In honor of the 2012 MLB season kicking off this week, I decided to review one of the best free games available on Google Play, 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011. I say it’s the best because it’s really the total package. The graphics may be a little weak and look like an updated version of the old Bases Loaded Nintendo game, but all around this game is a beast. One aspect I enjoyed was the full, updated rosters. Well, updated as of December of 2011. It’s cool to play with the real players and actually have them match their real life attributes. Although, I do think it’s cruel to us Cardinals fans to still have Albert Pujols in the Cardinals’ lineup (Ouch Pujols, ouch). The game play itself is simple, yet it still can hold your attention, and it will. This game is addictive! As you play in league mode and progress through the season, you obtain different cards that you can use to your benefit, such as inning jump cards that allow you to skip innings if things aren’t going your way, and different player cards to use as pinch hitters or to build a mega team. This game does have its faults, however. Let me tell you this, if the computer wants you to lose, you will lose. There’s simply nothing you can do about it. It’s frustrating when every pitch you throw at the batter, no matter the location, is being roped in the gap for a double. Also, the strike zone seems to change at times, sometimes to your benefit, and sometimes not. There are also the questionable calls. Sometimes you will get called out while trying to steal a base or score when it seems like you are already safe. Once again, if the computer wants you to lose, you will lose. Fortunately, these faults do not appear often, so the game still remains competitive and fun. Overall, this game is a fun way to pass some time. It has robust rosters and stat keeping, simple controls, and is a competitive, well rounded game.





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  1. When are they going to update to the 2012 roster

  2. Good question. I tried to get some info on that but came up with nothing. It still mentions that the last update was on December 1 :/

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