App-aholics Anonymous (PogoPlug)

App-aholics Anonymous (PogoPlug)


This week’s app-aholic article will be a two for one.  PogoPlug is an app for both Android and iOS so this review will cover it for both platforms.


App Name: PogoPlug

Cost: Free


There are plenty of times that I have come across a situation in which I needed to access files that were on my home server and I was at a coffee shop or other remote location.  I have tried just about every remote access software that’s out there and for simple file access from any location PogoPlug can’t be beat.


I am an avid user of Dropbox and while I’ve amassed a good deal of free space for beta testing and invites it still isn’t big enough for all of the files I need access to and then there is a chance that the file I need isn’t in my dropbox folder and in that case PogoPlug prevails.  Once you’ve installed the PogoPlug software on your PC or Mac, and signed up for a free account, you can use the app on another device (PC, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS) or the web interface to access all of the folders that you’ve setup to share on each machine.   Every machine that you install PogoPlug on will be allowed to share files with all of the rest and as such, you can setup a sharing network between you and your collaborators relatively easy.


PogoPlug software is limited only in the fact that the apps won’t stream music or movies unless you pay for the upgraded server app, which is a one time fee of $30 (the app still lets you access movie and music files on a computer using the basic sharing feature so the upgrade is really on useful if you plan on streaming to mobile devices).


This is a great app for anyone who wishes they could afford more Dropbox storage or who is paranoid that any cloud service has access to their data because it lets you setup a cloud of your own. Check it out for free at and get a 5 GB PogoPlug cloud account for the grand ‘ole price of nothing.

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