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I need to grow up.  While most guys my age have an assortment of football paraphernalia on the walls of their office, I have Superman and Batman Statues and an incredibly awesome Captain America Shield.  I’m working on 28 years of an obsession that doesn’t seem to be a phase.  But, something has changed.  I now also have 4 little hands attached to 2 adorable daughters roaming my bookshelves wanting to “play” with my Bowen Statues and “read” my framed Ultimate Spider-Man #1.  Yikes!

I always imagined a smooth transition from comic book fanboy to mature collector, but the kink in the works were my beautiful future geek-girls, Parker (age 4) and Riley (age 2).  I am lucky enough to have 2 daughters who love my room of original artwork and superhero statues.  They loved the room so much, it became a very girlie playroom.  Scattered about the playroom are lots of Disney Princesses, My Little Ponies, Wonder Woman Dolls and of course, Comic Books.


They Both love Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl and whenever they see a Spider-Man or Batman anything, they yell “Daddy, look! You like that.”  Yes I do.


Meanwhile as my friends have children, I have become the go-to guy for any questions regarding bourgeoning geeky habits.  “What’s a good Comic to start my 7 year old with.”  “Who is Deadpool!!?”  “Where do you buy comic books?”  “Why do all of these female characters have gigantic . . . . ?”  etc.


I found myself researching (I use that term loosely) books, toys and geeky movies and fun starter Comics for kids.  I want to lead my friends and their children, my nieces, nephews and you to Comic Books that are fun, exciting, creative and have actual artistic merit and I look at that as my small way of contributing to an industry that I love.


As I ponder my role as a geeky parent to two potentially geeky kids, I’m excited that they will know who Peter Parker, Barbara Gordan and Miles Morales are.  I’m also excited that they want me to read to them, draw with them and help them make up stories.  Being a Lil’ Geek is not only cool, it’s good for you.  I’m watching creativity grow and I’m encouraging it.


Welcome to My Lil’ Geeks.  The team at 8 Days a Geek have been kind enough to provide me with a place where I can offer my specialized assistance to the wayward parent.  This is where you can find out what Comic Books are good for your kids, a place where potential Geek-hood is viewed as future creativity and a place where parents are encouraged to join in the fun.  I hope to introduce you to some great Writers, Artist and Characters that you and your child can discover together.  So when you hear a friend is going slightly crazy by the Yo Gabba Gabba songs, feel free to send them my way and I promise to fill their world with a plethora of alternatives.


Parker Loves Batgirls

Until next time, remember, Sidekicks Rule!

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  1. That was really good lil Geek. I miss you!!

  2. Nice Comments Lil Geeks. Look forward to understanding comic books.

  3. Great article Billy!!! Can’t wait to read more! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Thanks for sharing… and very well put…. Jack & I are ready for your next post….

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