Top 8 Villains Who Would Make Better Hereoes

In universes consisting of people like the Joker, who wants pure anarchy, and Red Skull, a super Nazi, sometimes some villains ride a fine line, if only they knew where to stop they would be great heroes, but they just push it too far.

8.Gorilla Grodd

there are never enough ape heroes

At his core Gorilla Grodd wants only one thing, to make sure Gorilla City and the race of super intelligent gorillas that live there are safe and alive. Unfortunately Grodd sees his kind as a superior species that should rule this planet. Way to ruin the dream monkey boy.


robot hero made of adamantium, that would be sweet!

Ultron was built to help humans, and Ultron wants nothing more than to make sure mankind is safe, bad news is, Ultron sees the biggest threat to humanity is… Humanity.

6.poision Ivy

if you get powers and live near Gotham, you're gonna be a bad guy

An eco-activist who wants us to stop polluting does not make much of a villain. Give that same shy activist control over plant life and she becomes a terrorist who will stop at nothing to save this planet.


....he seems like he really wants to help mutants.

Much like Grodd, Magneto just wants the betterment of his downtrodden people, but equal rights isn’t where he wants to stop. Magneto thanks all mutants are an evolution to humans and obviously the destined rulers of mankind. Magneto should know better considering he himself was put through a concentration camp as a young boy, jerk.

4.Lex Luthor

see, good guy, that's just ... juice....

In every way the opposite of his nemesis, Superman.Lex is a scientific genius who has developed so many different ways to better mankind, but his huge ego gets in the way causing him to use all of these wonderful inventions for himself and his vendetta against the man of steel.

3.Dr. Octopus

....and he loves kids!

Dr.Otto Octavios was a brilliant scientist working in the field of radiation to help mankind create a renewable fuel source. After a freak accident Otto, now fused with his robotic arms becomes!…. a bank robbing goon… this makes no sense, he should of become a hero, why he decided to become a villain no one knows. Don’t say it was to fund his research either, Batman, Giant-Man, and Iron Man never seem to have funding issues.


why wouldn't you want this guy as your supreme leader

Dr.Doom believes he knows whats best for this planet, whats scary is he may be right. His ego gets in the way though, causing him to want to be the ruler of the planet instead of the savior. Plus he just can’t seem to drop this hatred for Reed Richards.


this guy would be amazing on the JLA, top gun.

Victor Fries wants his wife back so bad he would do anything, but instead of gaining his powers and going to Batman and teaming up for a cure he decides he needs to kill everyone involved in his wife’s condition.Imagine this powerhouse of a character fighting alongside the Justice League, a scientific genius and a powerful fighter Mr. Freeze could of been one of the greatest heroes ever, but instead he’s just a murderous thug.

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  1. Curse you, Richards!

  2. I would argue that for a pretty decent amount of time in the 90’s Magneto was in fact a “good guy” when he lead the X-Men in Charles’ absence.

    I like the idea of this list though, pretty cool. Should do it with movie villains…I think Wesley Snipes from Demolition Man would slide into that list…

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