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This week is sort of a bust for me. I am now finally getting around to watching the Star Wars Blu-Ray editions. Sadly I didn’t get far enough to really have any review ready. So much for that deadline. Personal goal fail right now, ah so sad. So how about a first impressions? I also know what you are thinking and yes I know this set came out like forever ago. I won’t lie, it has been siting on my watch pile for like a month. Very sad indeed.


Okay, so how about that first impression? So far, so good. I like the insights and looks into the preproduction that surrounded the original trilogy. Quite a bit of it we already knew and some it is no where near what you could call new. But, where this set shines is the fact that you get it all in one place.


Now hopefully next week I should be farther along and we can have another update. Yeah I know, don’t hold your breath.

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