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First off let me say I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and may I take this time to wish you all a happy new year. I know you all had a choice in what to waste time on this year and I am glad you all choose this column! Now just a heads-up about a few things, this column is getting an over haul for the new year or next month or next week. Whichever time frame you think works best for you. Now there will be no changes to the content but a slight re-alignment in branding is coming. The Twitter account I have is the first thing that made the jump over. So if you caught that, good job! Though let us be honest I bet none of you knew I had a Twitter.

Out with the old!

Also while I am tooting my own horn, did anyone notice that I got a writer bio? Was that a no? Well what are you waiting for? Get over to that writers page and scope that thing out; someone went to a great amount of trouble to write that dang thing! I just love overabundance in punctuation some days.

In with the new!

In honor of the season (me not complaining about anything is my gift to everyone) and for my own horn tooting:

Twitter: RamblerDon

E-mail: [email protected]

Or post something to the 8 Days Facebook page or comment to an article to reach me.

Otherwise I think we are done here until next time and coming soon: One year of Don: A retrospective in awesomeness. Just kidding I am not doing that though I am that awesome. 1/23 is coming quickly now though and we might do a special episode or some who-ha like that.

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