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I think I might be slowly losing my mind. Nah… I mean I am quickly losing my mind. I just realized that we will be coming up very quickly now onto my column being a year old. How about that? It is hard to believe that the fine people who run this site have that much tolerance for this junk I call writing. Of course you the audience have a part to play in this. Well, I tried having two columns and that didn’t work. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Just bringing it up for no reason, moving on.

A sure sign of a bad time!

I like to think we have fun here every week and that hopefully everyone gets a slight case of nausea from my writing. I mean really what more can a writer ask for?

How about talent for starters...

So, let me take this moment to thank you all who stop and hopefully waste time at work to read this stuff. I really do appreciate it and I truly hope you are at work and being paid while you read this, everyone needs incentive!

Just remember it could always be worse and everything looks good when this is the comparison.

Ya know, looking back I think this column has really grown from nothing to become a whole lot of nothing. Though we like to change the day it gets posted every so often, which we only do because we care. Yes, I guess I am ramblin’ a little today and you know what? That is okay because that is what this whole thing is about!

See you all next week!

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