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I guess we have all had a chance to let that mid-season ender of Walking Dead sink in. My thought after that episode ended is what they will end up doing with Shane. That guy is a complete loose cannon and I think he is becoming more of a liability to the group then an asset. The other thought that this episode brought to mind for me and that the previous did also is this, is Daryl and Carol going to become an item? I think it could be possible with how things seem to be going. It could be possible they are waiting to flesh out the new Maggie & Glenn relationship more before they try it. On one side why wait but yet I could see why to wait, this show has a lot of secondary plot lines. Too many perhaps.

My other wonder is why are they bringing in hallucinations of Merle all of a sudden. I can understand it to a point but I had to wonder if this was some good old fashion foreshadowing?

hmmmm.... how do I keep getting into these sticky situations???

I will also mention I really wonder what is going to happen with Hershel. He most certainly had a mental break down and from the clip show for the next episode, he isn’t doing so well. This plot thread could get interesting.

The screening audience after watching Green Lantern

I tell you all what I really don’t want to wait until February to see more episodes. I guess they could do some webisodes, but this time get better interns. Okay, that was mean. They did try their best and really that is all you can ask for on a shoestring budget.

And now for something that really grinds my gears…. Eh… it can wait…

See you all next week!

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