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Do you all want to know what is grinding my gears today? Good, I was going to tell you anyways.

My real beef today is with Taco Bell. That XXL Chalupa is more like a barely large Chalupa. I mean really that thing is a complete joke. But, if that is the game they are playing what about bringing out a XXXXL Chalupa?



Now my food highlight was the KFC Famous Bowl. It now has BACON! Let us go over that little detail again now, BACON! You know maybe if Taco Bell put bacon in that chalupa…



Now onto something that really did upset me. At first I had planned on saying something about his retirement, but that has now turned into saying something about his death. Mr. Rooney, I will miss your commentary. I know it is a clichéd to say it. But, Mr. Rooney was one of a kind. And on that note I feel like wrapping this week up. See you all here next week.

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  1. You are the Andy Rooney of 8 Days A Geek.

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