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I just want to get one thing out of the way real quick like. The latest Simpsons Halloween special was a real stinker. This is just more proof to me that this show needs to go. Also, I watched that new Allen Gregory show. That show did not impress me at all. Jonah Hill could do so much better. I also heard that Bob’s Burgers got a season extension. I could also live without that show.

So, all I have to say is this in regards to Fox animation. If the upcoming Napoleon Dynamite show sucks then they need to be stripped of their self-proclaimed animation domination title. I mean really, besides Family Guy and American Dad they got nothing. Why not bring back Futurama if they really need something. It wouldn’t be that hard at all, because someone at another network was smart enough to save it! So Fox, steal it back!

Now in some awesome news I am so excited that Walking Dead is back and got a third season already! Boy howdy that was quick! Now you see that? I ended this article on a zombie related high note.  Now that comes at no extra charge to you the consumer. Just one more free service we offer here!

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