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Today I will touch on some things that I don’t outright hate or loath. I want people to know I don’t just hate everything and find great joy in picking on DC. Okay, maybe I fibbed a little. I do love picking on DC, but it is only because I care. And that I believe makes it fair and to their best interests.

So here are some things I will talk about in a positive way.

Monty Python. I think everyone likes Monty Python and if you don’t, you don’t count. See how easy that is?

Ice Cream. I cannot talk about ice cream enough. I really like to talk about ice cream. I honestly might like talking about ice cream more then I like eating it. Ice cream is just awesome and you can quote me on that. I like soft serve and custard too!

I really enjoy a good sit down and watching of Family Guy. American Dad isn’t too shabby either and for the sake of being nice in this article I will not mention The Cleveland Show. This brings up another point too that I had heard The Simpsons might get cancelled. I was at one time a huge follower of this show. Not no more, this show has jumped the shark so bad I think that tired old trope needs to be renamed in honor of The Simpsons.

Your day in the sun is well over also.

Ah, dang it I got caught up in the moment and forgot to be positive.  Makes me wonder if I should stop all this nice stuff before it gets out of hand, hmmm… no.

Ah ha! I do have something nice to talk about. MUPPETS! Everyone loves the Muppets. Heck, I have heard even flesh eating zombies and communists likes the Muppets. Joking aside, I really do hope that this upcoming movie does well. It has been so long since the Muppets have done anything worthwhile. I mean really think about it. Those Pizza Hut commercials are the best they got to show from like the past ten years. It is really hard to believe but the heyday of Muppet movies was really that long ago but it is.

Until next week.

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