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Has this weather been insane in the membrane or what? Also sorry for the typo last month, I am sure it will happen again. So, how is October going for everybody? Good I hope. Now it is time for a rant.


I don’t like hipsters!


I really don’t. These people drive me insane in the membrane to the extreme. Hippies also drive me up the wall but that is a rant for another day. So, you ask why I dislike these darn hipsters. Well, let me tell you.


These darn hippies are always starting trouble!

First off is the ridiculous idea that a nerd and a hipster are one in the same. THEY ARE NOT! They really are not. I hate trying to explain this to people and I really hate it even more when I am accused of being a hipster. The only way to insult me faster than by calling me a hipster is to call me a darn hippy! This is of course a good point to also make. If you feel the need to be my mortal enemy, call me a hippy or hipster. Either will do fine for that.


What is about to happen to these poor fellows is not from that Ark. It was from calling me a hipster.

Anyways, a nerd is not a hipster. A nerd can be many things. Anyone who is super obsessed with things can be a nerd. Even so called normal obsessions with quote unquote cool stuff still make you a nerd. Though I wouldn’t recommend calling some folks out on that, just saying might not be a good idea.


Now a no good hipster is some whine-y and complain-y punk. I mean really do you ever listen to what these people complain about? I don’t care how mean your parents are for paying your way through college or how horrible it is to drive new car. Get over it! Shave that darn beatnik goatee and wear clothes your own size, not like five sizes too small or them darn sweater vest, and get a job! Also, start drinking real alcohol you little pansies!


A sure sign of a bad time. Hipsters...

Okay, I really do feel better now.

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