OFF THE RACK: Green Wake – issue 6

In this week’s edition of OFF THE RACK I jump headlong into the whacked out world of Green Wake a town that exists outside space and time, where the bodies (and souls) of people who have been lost to the real world exist.


Issue six finds Morley Mack, the only person to ever escape Green Wake, back in; this time of his own free will.  It seems that the residents of this burg end up there not by chance or misfortune but by actions they take in their real life.  Morley found himself there originally because he had lost his way; given up on the world.  So the world gave up on him.


The issue opens with a scene showing a group of young boys playing in the snow and one falls through a crack in the ice.  The boy later appears in Green Wake (not entirely sure of the connection just yet).  The issue then transitions into depicting how Morley makes his way back to Green Wake.  It’s a strange and in many ways disgusting visual experience.

Touched on in the story is the idea that time acts differently in Green Wake than it does in the real world.  For instance, a character that Morley knows from his previous time in the town arrived their seven years later (in real world time) but had actually been in Green Wake for ages before Morley arrived.  Also, Morley had escaped and spent hours back in the real world but upon returning to Green Wake an vast amount of time had passed and things had changed immensely.

Green Wake appealed to me on several levels.  The cover is intense.  It shows a character encircled by large fish complete with arms and jagged teeth.  The internal art is very, very gritty.  If you’re a fan of the refined and stylistically appealing art in comics, this may not be the book for you.  Story-wise this book has some very interesting twists and turns.  There are parts that are confusing, but they’re meant to be that way.  You just have to trust that things will sort out along the way.  Trust in the vision of the writer can be hard but in many cases very rewarding.

I was pretty impressed with how this book came together.  I give it a B+ rating.  Check it out if you like weird, independent books with gritty art!


I hope you enjoyed this week’s OFF THE RACK.  Check back next week for an all-new review!


For now…


This is your Bin Fodder Guru Tim Blacksmith signing off.


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