OFF THE RACK – Super Dinosaurs – Issue 5


There are few stories that will invariably grab my attention.  For instance, some people really love crime shows or movies with Jim Carrey, I’m neither of those kinds of people.  But if you show me a comic or movie involving dinosaurs controlling mechs…I’m sold.


Seriously, is there anything cooler than that!?!?  No, of course not.  Add into the equation the fact that it’s written by Walking Dead famed writer Robert Kirkman and that’s a recipe for success.


Admittedly most if not all of my readership are not the target audience of this book as it is part of Image Comics’ Skybound line.  But that notwithstanding, the book is incredibly cool.


As issue five picks up we are clearly at the conclusion of the book’s initial story arc involving the quintessential mega-science type tale.  There is the good-guy scientist dad Doc Dynamo and the former-partner bad-guy evil scientist Maximus.  For fans of the show Venture Brothers you’ll be familiar with the dynamic.



Super Dinosaur (SD for short) is exactly what his name implies, a Super Dinosaur.  He’s smaller, intelligent (to the point of speech and mechanical proclivity) and feelings.




In issue 5 SD teams with Doc Dynamo’s son Derek to fight off Maximus’ vile creation: Mega-Raptor.  The Mega-Raptor is a genetically alter dinosaur made bigger, dumber and stronger than Super Dinosaur which is what prompts Derek and SD to jump into their mechs.


The battle is kid-friendly with a bit of Jonny Quest style suspension of disbelief involved (discounting the fact that we have an intelligent, talking dinosaur controlling an incredibly sophisticated piece of technology).  The feel of the book, though aimed at kids, has an air of Charlie Brown in the sense that there is definitely parts that are aimed at the older crowd that kids won’t be able to fully appreciate.


Overall Super Dinosaur gets an A+ grade from me.  It’s really solid and I liked where the story took me.  I can’t wait to see where this book takes me!



I hope you enjoyed this week’s OFF THE RACK.  Check back next week for an all-new review!


For now…


This is your Bin Fodder Guru Tim Blacksmith signing off.


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