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To end my month-long review series of DC’s New 52 Reboot on such an iconic comic book staple like Superman seems very fitting.  Superman takes place in present time, thus five-years beyond where Action Comics is occurring.


The story shows Metropolis a changed city.  The Daily Planet has been bought and reborn.  With a new owner and new building built and the old building laying in rubble, Superman returns to Metropolis.  Throughout the issue there are several comments to the effect that he has been gone for some time; a storyline I expect to play out either in the near future in flashbacks or will play out in Action in the coming months/years.

Clark Kent and by extension Superman, seem more outspoken and brash than the character was previously.  This is an interesting change, seen first in Justice League issue that has perpetuated.


Superman fights two battles in this issue.  Reminiscent of how I always think about the movies, there is the intermediate battle with common criminals that are easily defeated and then there is the extremely powerful villain that gives Superman a run for his money.


There are a lot of interesting parts to this story.  Superman being an incredibly important book in the DC Reboot they were clearly meticulous with how the scope of the story was presented and laid out.  This is a launching point for new readers but old readers will be just as intrigued by what is going on now and what will occur in the future.


Clark as well as Lois are in very different places in life than we have seen them in some time.  The love-forlorn Clark Kent has been gone for a long time now, so it is interesting to see that dynamic back in the mix.

I am very excited to see where this story goes.  Superman gets an ACE.

This may conclude the ongoing review of all New 52 books but do not fret!  8DaysAGeek is your constant source for all things GEEK!


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This is your Bin Fodder Guru Tim Blacksmith signing off.


p.s. Did you spot the hooded lady?  I’ve included a picture below.  She keeps showing up in the strangest places!  Who is she?  What’s her impact going to be on the new DCU?  Discuss below in comments!!!


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