Top 8 Mustaches

In honor of my new hobby, mustache enthusiast, I decided to put up a list of some epic hair lip.

8.ME! Brandon C. Williams

my stache. my love.

Of course I put me on the list. I’m an egotistical freak, but come on! Sweet flavor savor.

7. Ra’s Al Ghul

his stache is his secret of imortality, look at Tom Selleck!

Although there is very little soupstrainer here, this guy gets points for originality, a Fu Manchu evolved into a mutton chop, mustachstic


A little fuzz for the ladies

Yes, his mustache is iconic, but it’s a pretty normal stache, not as sweet as the other nose rugs on this list.

5.Salvador Dali

He used to have a small bell to bring attention to his mustache, true story

Not only was this guy absolutely insane, he was also one of the most original artist of all time. His mouth brow was just as artistic and original as he was.

4.Rollie Fingers

wow, just wow.

Rollie Fingers wasn’t a perfect baseball player, but he will always be remembered for that beautifully sculpted master piece of a lip sweater.

3.Thunderbolt Ross

Hulk fighting stache.

Big, tough, and fearless, and I’m talking the stache. This Lady Tickler is so epic it has been brought to life by the man/stache hybrid of Sam Elliot.


I think it's his hair as well?

Not sure what’s going on here, this is a crazy amount of crumb catcher for one man to hold. Dr.Robotnik, or Eggman for those that believe the hype, goes high on the list.

1.Daniel Day Lewis

Oscar stache. That thing makes careers.

I idolize Daniel Day Lewis and his ability to push out some epic cookie dusters, I mean he has a different stache in every movie! Easily the best stache in history.

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  1. Wilford Brimley?

  2. Hair-tastic list!

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