The New Spiderman!

So I know that with everything going on in the DCU right now it’s hard to remember that there’s even another comic company out there sometimes, even though Newsarama posts more Marvel stories than DC stories everyday, still…strange, dontcha think?

But moving away from that subject, I just caught a glimpse of the new Spiderman Trailer and I have to say, I was seriously impressed.  They casting looks solid (who doesn’t love Martin Sheen!) and no, Andrew Garfield isn’t Tobey McGuire, but that’s OK it should be a different spin, especially for this new origin.

I will say this though, Origin Stories are REALLY getting played out for me.  It’s why I liked Superman Returns, even when a bunch of people hated it.  Superman has been a known commodity for more than seventy years, do we really need another re-telling of his origin?  Can’t we just accept that EVERYONE knows he’s from Krypton (or at least not from Earth) and that EVERYONE knows he grew up on a farm?

Same thing with Spiderman.  EVERYONE knows he got bit by a “radioactive” spider EVERYONE knows his uncle dies.  Lets skip over that and move forward to the stuff everyone wants to see (and no I don’t mean Emma Stone’s breasts…though I can’t say I’d complain) I mean Spiderman in action; fighting crime and being a hero!

This has been an official Tim Blacksmith Rant.

Enjoy the trailer!

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