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We are now half way through September. This has made me think of an idea I had a few months back. We need to talk about local ghost stories. I happen to live a few doors down from a haunted house. That story I will save for October. But, now is the time for you all to start preparing your own for sharing. Let us have some fun with this, guys!

Disney owning everything does have an advantage from time to time.

Now onto the silliness!  Okay I lied. That was the silliness. Well, to be honest I really have nothing this week. That picture of Sam Arrow as Captain America is cool though, and very much worth sharing. Sorry, this is just a lazy day for me.


I will leave you all with this though. Get on YouTube and look up Your Favorite Martian. They got some good stuff and they update on Wednesdays just like me!


See ya’!

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