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Those of you who complain that DC doesn’t do enough science fiction books should do two things.  First, run right out and pick-up the New 52 StormWatch.  Second, jump into the back issue bins at your local comic shop and dig out any and all Adam Strange issues you can find.


For those of you who don’t know, Adam Strange is a human that mistakenly got pulled, via Zeta Beam, to the planet Rann (well-known for the Rann/Thanagar war that took place during the ramp-up to Infinite Crisis).  But what brought the worlds into such close proximity?  Where did the true nature of the hatred between the two worlds come from?


The answers you seek are found within the pages of Adam Strange – Planet Heist.


The story opens on Adam being detained by the police in Gotham City.  He gets picked up on suspicion of mass destruction when his apartment building is leveled by bounty hunters and the cops find pictures of him in his Rann suit.  Andy Diggle, the author of this tale, uses this scene to give new-to-the-story readers a quick snapshot of Strange’s backstory and how he became the Defender of Rann.


It also details how he went from being a superhero to being a drunkard.  After the Zeta Beam that was supposed to take him home never showed, he asks Superman to fly out to Rann space and check on things.  The news comes back worse than he could have imagined.  The local star went supernova taking his adopted planet and his wife and child along with it.


Strange, however, is not one for fully giving up.  He sets out to find the truth buried amongst the lies and misdirection.  What he discovers along the way is beyond anything he could have imagined.


As his investigation continues he joins forces with the Omega Men and encounters L.E.G.I.O.N. forces on Maltus.  All of these things pale in comparison to having to battle the Thanagarian Death Worshippers god, Starbreaker.











The title somewhat gives away the secret part of the story, which is that Rann has been stolen; not destroyed.  But the who and the why are all part of the fun of reading the story yourself.


I have always been a fan of Adam Strange titles, which was what had initially made me pick-up this collected edition.  I had not read or seen the story previously and was pleasantly surprised at the high caliber of story that unfolded.


Adam Strange – Planet Heist gets an A grade.  It’s definitely worth the funds and time to read.  Go check it out!


Check back next week when I take on another new title!


For now…


This is your Bin Fodder Guru Tim Blacksmith signing off.

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