Android App-aholics Anonymous (Dolphin HD)


App Name: Dolphin HD Browser

Usage: Internet Browser with plugins

Price: Free



There are hundreds of web browsers on Android these days and we can only assume that the will keep coming.  With that in mind, how do you pick a browser that works for you and your browsing style?  Let me assist you with that.

Dolphin HD is what I can only assume will be the last web browser that I will ever need for Android.  The browser itself is super fast as well as dead simple to operate.  If you are anything like me, you like to have multiple tabs open on your computer, but Android’s stock browser takes too many steps to access all of the windows that you have open.  Dolphin HD solves the “windows instead of tabs” problem by creating a “tabs instead of windows” solution and letting you use honest to goodness tabs at the top of the app window.  Tabs not enough?  Ok, tough crowd.  How about I throw in plugin support to boot?

I have been a HUGE advocate for and their password generator/keeper program and I think all of you should use it (I’ll review it for the next AAA).  Lastpass provides a plugin to autofill all of your web passwords automatically using your Lastpass account so that you never have to leave Dolphin HD to surf the secure web (catch that oxymoron).  That is only one of many plugins that are offered in Dolphin HD and most of them are just waiting to be installed from the market.


So if you’re looking for a new browser to change things up or you’re tired of having to switch windows or apps to browse the web, checkout Dolphin HD in the market and download it for free.



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