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Okay. You all asked for it and now you shall get it. I threatened to do it and gave many chances to avoid it. But, now you all must suffer. There will be no innocent bystanders in this unfortunate event. I hope you all are ready to meet your doom!


I fully endorse this theory

To be honest I feel no need to really say anything about my dating life other than this. I believe that I have made a huge breakthrough on the way to finally discovering perpetual motion. Now I image you might be asking why or at least how this works. Now all you need to do is follow me on this and you will find out. First off, I am constantly single. Now, another way of saying that is by saying I am perpetually single. Ah ha! Now you see. By starting somewhere, you can go anywhere! The small step forward is the beginning of understanding the whole picture. I think in order to finally harness the awesome power of perpetual motion. One must first understand it in a more basic form. That is our problem we all jump at the big one and fail. We must take baby steps here. I truly believe a relationship and some correlation exists between these two. And I will stop at nothing to continue this research. At the rate I am studying and perfecting being perpetually single, I feel a true breakthrough on perpetual motion cannot be far behind!


You think you got it bad? You don't know lonely!

Until next week true believers!

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