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Today I feel like admitting to some things I once liked or at least could tolerate and hate to admit that I did.

Random junk first though! I keep hearing more and more about G.I. Joe 2. And the more I hear, the more I like it! Keep up the good work guys! Make me forget Rise of Cobra, please. Also on a Hasbro related note. What the heck is up with that Battleship movie, I think I already complained about this. But still, what is up that junk. Seriously, not everything needs to be made into a movie. I mean really would Connect Four or Guess Who really make a good movie?

First comes some television shows that I know hate yet don’t understand why I once liked.

The only fantastic thing is that it had more then one episode.

  1. Fantastic Max. This show is some ill-fated junk from Hanna-Barbera in the very late 80’s. The only reason I remember it now is that I just saw an episode on television. This show did not age well at all. But I will say this; the theme song has a good beat! Yet, on the other hand this silly show about a space going baby and his toys is just plain painful to watch.
  2. The Snorks. This show is such a painful rip-off of The Smurfs it is sad. Not that The Smurfs is much better. But they have the advantage of being original. The Snorks are just a cheap and painful rip-off. Even the name of these little abominations should be ashamed of it’s clearly slightly shady origins. Though the sad part is I didn’t mind this show so much when I was much younger.

One of us is a rip-off. Can you tell which one?

Now a few movies that fit into I once liked and now can’t stand.

They should have called this one, we are broke and need money.

  1. The last two Batman films. When I was young I loved both Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Now to be fair I always felt the casting was okay and the designs where okay. What really sucked was quite clearly the writing. Okay, some of the casting was sketchy and some the designs did suck. At least those things were not as bad as the writing. Good grief those are some sucky movies. I think George Lucas writes better dialog then that.
  2. Ninja Turtles. Now to be fair I never liked these damn mutant turtles. I was an occasional cartoon watcher though. I also seen the movies and could sit through them. Not now. I couldn’t sit down and watch these now unless someone paid me! Boy oh boy these did not age well.



Well I hope everyone enjoyed today’s article and as always shoot me a comment or email. And by that I mean do it or I will talk about my dating life next week. Please people do not force me to put you trough that, but it will be your own fault if I do. So, please comment on your own embarrassing former likes and such. You have been warned…

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