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I know what you all must be thinking. Oh no this guy again. Well sadly I am still here to torture… err… I mean entertain you! Yeah that’s right, entertain you. That was a close one…


First let us start with another plug for e-Mails for my new mail bag feature. Come on people you know you want to send something along to get it answered. Anything you want to know my opinion on.

This brings me to my next point today. You can also e-Mail to let me know if you want to hear more about something or less too. Heck, you can even let me know about something you think I should mention and have not yet to mention.


All right I think we got that out of the way. Now onto the fun for this week or what some may call, my rants.


First let me mention that I am sad that the Mattel DC Retro Action line is a dead duck. Well, my wallet is happy at least. This of course means that for the first time in some time I have no toy line to collect. Oh No! Eh, to be honest this was the first in some time. I just don’t have the space to collect so much. Because the Batcave and the Death Star and I almost forgot G.I. Joe Headquarters are not small by any means. Hmm, I think the Death Star might be biggest. Ah, heck I forgot the Ewok tree village! Perhaps it is time to have a mini convention sales floor in my front yard…

And now onto why it is a dead line. At first I felt Mattel was at fault. They seem to have trouble with non-Barbie toy lines. But, now as more time has passed I find out that all the current DC toy lines are now dead from Mattel. Soon to be replaced with new ones. Why you ask? Because, DC has decided to reboot! So you say what does that have to do with the toys? Well, nothing really. But someone at DC thinks it does. Way to go guys, I love this reboot more and more…. Oh and don’t worry Marvel isn’t escaping my shit list today….


"I am the swan song for this toyline?"

Now my real rant for the week. I know this is old news by know, but I still want to complain about it. For some reason Marvel has decided that Jack Kirby, well his estate really, deserves nothing from them. So, I have to ask why? Marvel can claim all they want that Stan Lee invented everything but that is not the truth. Now I am not trying to start trouble with that logic as that is a debate for another day. I just feel that Jack Kirby deserves the recognition that he and his family demand from Marvel. This is the same thing DC goes through from time to time with the Superman estate. And you know what? Every time this stuff happens the companies always look bad. Why go to such lengths to screw the people who made your company what it is? I mean look at how long it took Bill Finger to get some credit for Batman!

"Long live the king!"* As long as he works for free...

I also know that I got a special article I promised like a month ago, and I said to give me a month for it. Well, it hit a snafu. Not my fault mind you but it will be pushed out another month or so now. Sorry guys, but that is what you get when you promise things way ahead of time. In the mean time I will drop you guys a big hint as to what it is about. It involves natural disasters.


Until next time!

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