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Today we have a very special event. Below is a letter from a fan who has some interesting things to say.

   Dear Rambling Don,

   Long time reader and first time writer. My name is CLASSIFIED. First let me just say how awesome you are. You sir, are awesome. Next I want to say that I lied. You are a hack! Did you notice I addressed you as rambling? Do you know why? Never mind you wouldn’t understand. Have you ever proof read your work? Wait. Don’t answer that you hack! Oh, yeah and Rambler sucks. That is why they went out of business! I mean really. Who would buy a car named Rambler! Oh, and I really don’t think you are that funny with your bad Transformer puns. AstroTrain ha ha ha ha. See that, not funny! You need to go to writers school! You hack. Also may I say that I’m so tired of these Darkwing Duck junk and about how great Marvel movies are. Just get over yourself! And can you please learn to use contractions! PLEASE! Also, stop using the word and to start all your sentences. And finally… dang it you have me doing it. You dang hack. Ahhhhhh….

All I can say is that I liked his beginning. I do feel towards the end though that he might have been rambling a bit. Anyways, if anyone has a question or comment please feel free to send it along. Reader input is always welcome around here! And thank you to CLASSIFIED for sending that along!


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