Interview with a Geek: Northern Illinois LEGO Train Club

One of the things that really stood out during our recent trip to the Chicago Wizard World was the colorful and intricate display located in the back. Thousands of tiny LEGO bricks designed and organized to make scenes from classic TV, movie, and Video Games. The man power, concentration, and time that was put into these sculptures should be considered art, I don’t care what the critics say.

Here is my quick interview with a few of the creators.

Here are some close up shots of the fantastic LEGO sculptures.

The Futurama City in LEGO, Geek plus Geek Equals UberGeek


Do you see a certain time traveling Doc?


More Futurama!


Robot Santa! He will punish the naughty LEGO children


Special package from Planet Express!


The Stone Cutters lodge from the Simpsons, I wonder if Krusty is in there?


LEGO mec, sadly what this is escapes my infinite wisdom, cool looking though.


This looks like an action shot from a Bay film, just needs some LEGO explosions


Look out Fry and Leela!


Monkey on bike, what more do you need?


LEGO Clerks, they shouldn't even be here today!


15 bricks little man, put those LEGO in my hand!


These LEGO are on a mission from god.




If you want more information on how you can be involved in your local LEGO groups visit NILTC.ORG

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  1. Super cool. Makes me want to get my Lego trains out again.

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