Ramblin’ Don’s Random Rambles

What’s grinding my gears today you ask? Well I know you didn’t ask but guess what? I’m telling you anyways.

1. I have to admit I have been happy with the news I have been hearing about G.I. Joe II. Good actor selection and even better character selection. My only wish is that they had known better earlier. If only G.I. Joe I had never happened! Regardless, as a card carrying member of the Joe club and Joe-Con goer. I will remain hopeful!

2. I also got to watch the Green Lantern movie. That’s really all I can say. I don’t want to upset too many people with what I thought of it.

3. Seriously a Smurf movie! What in the name of Chuck Norris is up with this? I really can not believe they got NPH to be in that movie. He must be desperate, or maybe he lost a bet.

4. I am so happy that Lego got the rights to not just Batman back, but snagged the whole DC license. And even better they got Marvel too!!!! Heck Yes!!!! If you can’t tell this was the highlight from Comic-Con for me.

5. The Captain America film was plain amazing. Every movie should try to be this good. Sadly I know that is impossible. Heck the Stan Lee cameo wasn’t even that bad or seem tacky this go around. You need to go out and see this movie in the theater now!

Well, until next time true believers! Same Bat-Channel! Same Bat-Time!

P.S. I almost forgot to drop hint for my upcoming article. Well let’s just say it will be earth shattering with it’s topic.

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