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Today’s fun entry is from the only raffle I ever won. So it also is the best raffle prize I ever won. The worse too if you want to get technical about it also. I won this at the flea market one day. The people said they had in turn won it in a raffle back in 1989. At a grocery store I believe. The story was that no one could buy one. You could only win one at various publicity events for the movie. To be honest as I have never seen one besides this one, so I can believe it was a odd ball thing like that. Sadly it never worked as the battery is no good but even then I was a wee bit too big for it. Now I dare not even fathom such a thought as such, so it sits.

For my own curiosity and for some added information if anyone out there has any background on this thing let me know. I would like to know if the story I heard behind it was true or what. Until next time… same bat-channel, same bat-time…

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