Apple App-aholics Anonymous: Hipstamatic

Name: Hipstamatic
Compatible Devices:
iPhone and iPod Touch

Sorry, geeks, today is a paid app. And it’s another photography app. (I have a lot of those.) Hipstamatic is not an app where you take a photo and then apply the filter (like last week’s Instagram), you choose the lens and film type you want to use and whatever pictures comes from the combination is what you get. You can always do a little more editing outside of the app, but there’s really no need to for the most part.

In a sense, it’s much more camera like than a lot of other photography apps on the app markets. You get a variety of film types, flashes and lenses with the initial 1.99 purchase, and there are a ton of in app camera packs (usually .99 cents or free) to beef up your supply. I’ve bought them all, and I use pretty much everything I’ve bought except for one lens.

The in app photo storage could use a little work but there is an option to save the photos directly to the photo roll as well, so there’s ways to get around it. You can also organize the photos in up to 9-photo sets (or stacks) in the app, or scroll through them one by one. All in all, I don’t regret my initial purchase of this app. It’s my inner-photographer’s friend and gives me a good variety of retro-camera looks that I have control over.


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