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Name: Akinator
Usage: Character guessing app
Price: Free ($2.31 paid version)

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Link to the Android Market

Back in the day I played a game called twenty questions and if you were good at picking a subject it was a hard game to play. Now I come across this little app called Akinator and it puts any game of twenty questions that I ever played to shame.

Akinator asks you simple yes and no questions about a character (fiction, non-fiction, unknown, or famous) and tries to guess your character in 100 questions or less. I just answered questions for “the scrubbing bubbles” and the app guessed it in 15 questions. If by chance you do make it to 100 without the app guessing it you can then put in info for your character and submit it with the satisfying knowledge that no one will ever be able to stump Akinator with that character again.

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While the app is fun all by yourself; Akinator really shines in a group of people where everyone is trying their hardest to stump it (you would be surprised what characters people can come up with). I have put fifty or more characters through the Akinator test and I’ve only stump him once (Fergie Ferbelow from the Jetsons movie).

If you’re looking for a free app to get some kicks out of head to the android market and download Akinator. You won’t be sorry.

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