A sum up of Google I/O (Day 2)

Ok, so day 2 of Google I/O is over and here are some of the highlights from that.

– Chrome Updates – Google has added support for things like Hulu, Netflix, and offline apps (Gmail, Calendar, etc.).  Additions like these make Google’s Chrome OS just a little better for the traveler or student looking for a Chrome machine.  Only one question rattles in my head; if Chrome OS is basically a Chrome browser then why didn’t it have this functionality to begin with?

– New “Chromebooks” – Google, Samsung, and Acer announced the first new Chromebooks at Google I/O.  The Acer Chromebook will have an eight second boot time,an 16GB SDD, instant-on, tIntel Atom N570 CPU, two USB ports, webcam, HDMI and 6.5 hour battery life.  All of this can be yours for the price of $349.  That price is a little more than I was thinking a Chromebook would cost but depending on your usage maybe it will be worth it to you.

Samsung also unveiled a Chromebook that has an 8.5 hour battery life with a dual core atom CPU.  Nothing too different yet it costs $429.  Still a little expensive for a notebook that is trying to take the place of a netbook.

Samsung and Google also teased a desktop version of a Chrome computer (Chromebox) but were very reluctant to give out any details.

– Chrome OS Subscriptions – If you are a student, school, or enterprise and don’t want to buy a Chromebook outright then Google has you covered.  Enterprise users and IT departments can get Chromebooks for $28 a month per user while Education members can get them for $20 a month per user and both are said to have a three year contract (this includes software AND hardware updates through the contract).  Interesting that Google is offering hardware updates with its service and maybe a service like this will make it easier for schools to keep updated and working hardware in their classrooms and libraries.

– Chrome Store – Not much here except that the Chrome store is now available throughout the world and it now has Angry Birds.  Let’s face it, somebody cheered for Angry Birds and we all know it.

It was an action packed two day gathering of some of the greatest minds in tech and geekdom.  What do you think about some of the stuff coming out of Google I/O this year?  What didn’t get announced that you wanted to see?


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