Top 8 Awesome Doctors

8. Dr.Wily


Prepare to feel the terrifying discomfort of Hard Man!


This wild haired Dr. is a robotics expert and really bad at making decisions. Dr. Wily was once a friend to Dr.Light the “father” of Mega Man, then greed got in the way. Using his Robotics knowledge he turned dozens of regular work bots into the dreaded robot boss’s that inhabit Mega Man’s world. Why is he so low on the list? He keeps going for the same attack plan and even though it’s failed 11 times, he continues to do it.

7. Dr.Frank-N-Furter


yeah, I killed Meatloaf and banged Susan Sarandon, now say something about my outfit bitch.


I’m not sure what his Phd is in, but it involves giving Meatloaf a lobotomy and making a muscly sex slave that can’t dance. Seriously though Tim Curry’s doctor is one of strangest characters to ever appear on screen. Whys he so low on the list? Transvestite alien doctors don’t go to far in life, especially when you have a hunched back incest loving butler who is hell bent on killing you.

6. Dr.Frankenstein


and for my next trick I will attempt to murder a bunch of children in a candy factory where I enslave little people.


Dr.Frankenstein is cool, he created Frankensteins monster or “super zombie” as I like to call him, but even better is Dr.Frankenstein (pronounced Frank-En-Steen) who created the singing dancing Frankenstein in the classic comedy, Young Frankenstein. Some of the best lines in cinema and clearly one of the greatest comedies of all time the good doctor is only held back by his consistent whining and arrogance, but he sure is fun to watch.

5. Doc Brown


I accidently helped fund 9-11 Marty!


Doc Brown, if actually is a real doctor, perfected time travel using illegal plutonium and a Delorean. Some of the best movies of all time, they usually revolve around the adventures of Marty McFly, but everyone knows the real hero is the Doc. If only he didn’t support terrorism by funding, what we know is a minivan driving violent terrorist organization. And to top it all of we get to see the bad guy dunked in shit THREE separate times!

4. Dr.Who


One thing we all agree on? Scarface wasn't that great of a movie.


Another unclear Phd, this “doctor” travels through time and space and has sorts of crazy adventures, his only drawback is his worst enemies are a bunch of squids in trashcans. You know what though, 750+ episodes can’t be wrong. Plus when Mr.Bean makes a cameo as a doctor for a brief time, you know your winning.

3. Dr.Doom


BAH! Doom should of never made these metal pants, Dooms crotch is like a swampy volcano.


Dr. Victor Von Doom, the coolest doctor in comics, he’s got a great look, his own country, and a great group of enemies. The dichotomy of Dr.Doom is what makes him so neat. A great leader who lifted his people up into an economic golden era, all while trying to destroy that blasted Reed Richards. This is a genius level man with literally the power of a king, plus he talks about himself in third person.

2. Dr.Horrible


Also, I'm trying bang Felicia Day....(Aren't we all)


A newcomer. but one of the greatest doctors in all forms, he out sings Frank-N-Furter, out styles Dr.Who and has a cooler nemesis than Dr.Doom. Plus, I’ve been thinking about creating a web comic that links the young Doogie Howser M.D to Dr.Horrible. If Joss Whedon is reading this, then it’s probably already in the works. Who doesn’t like NPH.

1. Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, Jr.


Now, I'm gonna bone this chick, kill a couple of bad guys, and get all sorts of treasure. I may mix up the order a little bit tomorrow.


The greatest Doctor of them all, he’s a professor I know, but he’s also a doctor, the man who made me want to get my doctrine so I could wear a fedora and bull whip, he is an inspiration to every man between the ages of 20-40. this guy beds more chicks then James Bond, knows more than Einstein and to top it all off his father is Sean freaking Connery. Han Solo is cool, a suave rebel who is as tough as he is handsome, now let’s add about 40% more man to it and you have the most awesome doctor of all time.

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