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8 Cartoons I could have lived without!

This post will be very picture heavy and light on words. This is because these are shows that I try to forget ever happened. These are the shows that I really could live with out.

1. Captain Planet

Captain Planet. I really do not know what to say other than I really could live with out you. I understand your purpose, I just don’t like you. Captain Planet you are not my hero…

2. Road Rovers

The Road Rovers! This show wasn’t that bad. The problem was like most cartoons it had an interesting back story that they never explained. I hate it when they water down a show. Kids are smart, they can figure it out.

Here we have the Road Rovers wondering: "Why do we suck so much?"

3. Cowboys of Moo Mesa

Now this show is a real blur for me and that is not a complaint.


Now this show is what happens when cool toys are made into a crappy show. I loved the toys and refused to watch the show. If you missed this one, you didn’t miss much.

Here we have the Street Sharks also asking that why do we suck question


It looks like they found out why they suck! I hope they catch the guy!


Again I understand the purpose I just got tired of watching it so much in school. Though I have to wonder something. If I was seeing cartoon people everywhere wouldn’t that be cool. It is like they saying do drugs and hang out with Alf! Remember to stay drug free kids! If not for you, do it for Alf!

So you think you are cool doing drugs. All right, how about this? You smoke a joint, I eat your cat. STAY OFF DRUGS YOU PUNKS!

6. BikerMice from Mars

I refuse to dwell on this show. All I can say is I wish the Swat Katz would have ate them!

A cheese themed enemy for such a cheesey show.... someone please stop me now....


Biker Mice powers activate!


So, we hear you have a rodent issue?

7. A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

I really can’t stand this show! I like Scooby Doo but I hate it when they kiddie-ize things! This is a real pet peeve of mine. Does continuity mean anything to you people!

8. The Flintstones Kids 

The Flintstones Kids are who I blame for all the kiddie-izing of older cartoons. This show really bugs me because it is so out of whack with the original show. It was also the show that started the Kiddie-izing so I hate it for that too! And one more thing! Why the heck would a kid wear a neck tie! I mean really!

"I can't believe this is what kids watch today Barney!"

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