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Name: Foursquare
Usage: Location based gaming and social discovery
Price: Free

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I always believed that location based gaming was a lot of witchcraft and tomfoolery.  Who would want to get points for going to the places that you already goto and checking in?  Who would want to see where their friends had checked in and meet them there?  Who would want to get coupons and deals for being the “mayor” of a location…

Wait what?

That’s right this AAA is all about the location based gaming app called Foursquare.  Foursquare was originally only usable in big cities due to the lack of interest and check-in spots in smaller areas.  That is until the ability to add your own “venues” was added, then it blew up.


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Foursquare is a fun way to keep track of where your friends are hanging out and getting some deals in the process.  Restaurants and stores sometimes put coupons and such on foursquare for first check-ins, regular check-ins, and for being the mayor of a venue.  The app just had an update as well to make finding these deals even easier.

You can be as private or open as you want with Foursquare.  You can have Foursquare post to Facebook Places and Twitter every time you check in, only when you become a “mayor”, or not at all.  On Foursquare itself you choose what friends can follow you as well as who’s friend request you accept in the first place so privacy isn’t a huge problem.


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Foursquare keeps score so that you and the people on your friends list can compare who is the most “out and about” person in your group.  As you check-in to new places Foursquare also gives you badges as a way to give you bragging rights (some badges are very specific for conferences and such e.g. SXSW).

If you’re looking for a new game to play with your friends, if you want to start getting deals at locations just for being there, or if you’re just as big of a geek as I am and you just want to be able to say, “I’ve been to Bread Co. so much that I’m the mayor”, then check out Foursquare and then start checking in.


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