Android App-aholics Anonymous (Apps2SD)



Name: Apps2SD
Usage: Helps move apps to the SD card of your device.
Price: Free ($1.50 for ad free)

Link to the Android Market

If you are running out of space on the main memory of your device, but don’t want to have to go through your applications menu to see what apps can go to your SD card then this app is for you.

Apps2SD makes a list of all of the apps installed on your device that can be moved to your SD card and makes the whole process a little easier.  Apps2SD will also clear the app cache in your device and show you memory usage.

Overall Apps2SD is a pretty simple app (hence the simple review) but it makes moving ALL of your capable apps to your SD a breeze and will keep track of every app you install and tell you when an app can be moved to the SD card.  For free, its worth it.


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