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Today I feel like giving some time to a real nifty place to visit. I really can not say how awesome this place is. It really has to be seen to truly grasp the awesomeness. Well that is enough gushing for now. On a note I have no decent photos of this place. I am not a good photographer. So I do highly recommend that you check out their website.

If you are ever in the southern end of Missouri in the Ozarks around the Branson area. This is the place to go, just a quick hop over the state line to Arkansas. Ozark Medieval Fortress is by far the best roadside attraction I have ever had the joy to go to. It is not too awfully hard to find though it is in the middle of nowhere. Thank someone for roadside signs!

You must be careful, this is a journey once you get there as this is a working construction site. On another side note be sure to bring a beverage, they do not have drinking fountains. The castle is a work in progress and as such will not be done until at least 2030. I at least plan to make regular trips to watch it grow! Regardless it is quite the sight.

This castle is being made by the correct methods as they pertain to the era of time that they are emulating. Of course due to regulations this is not always possible. This mainly pertains to the onsite quarry. Oh yes, you did read that right. They do the best they can to use only materials on site for construction from the rocks to the trees for timber. This makes what they have done by the original methods and by on hand material even more amazing. This ranges from hand carved stones to hand carved wood for both the castle itself to equipment and the workshops that surround it. Even a man powered crane is used to haul the biggest of rocks. The site also features a small farm for raising sheep to use for wool for clothes and fabrics. They make their own rope and dye their cloth also. The farm also contains a wonderful little garden of various plants used for dyes and decoration. A wooden fort and some small scale models are also present to show off how the medieval fortress evolved. Not to mention the people there are by far the nicest you could ask for!

You can tour the site yourself or take the guided tour like me. The guided tour is of course pricier but you get the added benefit of a medieval historian and expert to explain things and point out nifty little facts that you might otherwise miss out on. If you want to go to this wonderful site I recommend checking their website since it has rates and hours, plus much better directions then I could ever give. I really can’t recommend this place enough and I hope everyone takes a moment to visit their website. Words just do not do this place justice, I just wish I could take better photographs!

Please visit their website at ozarkmedievalfortress.com.

As always if you have a question or comment please feel free to let me know!

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