Google Voice now lets you use your own number!

I’ve been waiting for this feature since the first day I used Google Voice.

You can now port your own number into Google voice and therefore guarantee that no matter what carrier or whatnot that you go with people will still be able to reach you with the same old number that you’ve always had.

There are, of course, a few catches.  If you do decide to port your number you will have to fork out $20 to Google for the change and (here’s the big one) if you port your number it cancels your contract with your current carrier who might, in their infinite wisdom and total love for you, charge you an early termination fee (and by might I mean most definitely).

If you don’t have a contract at the moment and the “Change/Port” option is in your Google Voice settings go ahead and go wild (or not if that’s your sort of thing), but if you are still in a contract maybe you should just start giving people your Google Voice number instead of that number your’ve been sporting for so long.

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