Geek Movie Review: True Grit

As the Coens always do, except for Intolerable cruelty (suck that Parsons!) they have made another amazing movie.

The movie starts with a narrative by the grown up Mattie Ross, telling the beginning of her adventure. As the story progresses the narrative fades and we start to meet the characters, Mattie Ross, portrayed by newcomer Hailee Steinfeld, an extremely opinionated and rough little girl who outsmarts everyone she comes across, Reuben “Rooster” Cogburn, played excellently by the great Jeff Bridges,  a very gruff U.S. Marshall, and LaBoeuf, Matt Damon’s extremely arrogant Texas Ranger.

I thought the cast was great, although at times Jeff Bridges was so gruff he was sometimes a bit hard to understand and the awkward voice that Josh Brolin used as the villain Chaney was a little confusing. The story was great and stuck closer to the book than the original movie, and I know a lot of purist still say “the original is better”, but I think this one is much more watchable and not as cheesy (sorry Duke fans). The only thing that wasn’t great to me was the actress who played adult Mattie pulled me out of the story and the end just ended, like most Coen brothers movies.

As a geek I loved it, and thought that any fans of westerns should see this one, a perfect mix of drama and action with a dose of humor in all the right places makes this the must see movie of 2011 so far. I give it a 5/5 perfect score for the Coen brothers again.

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